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  • 02.01.1395 00:28
    تشکر ویژه از نگارنده مطلب اجرتان با ولی عصر(عج)

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  • 05.12.1394 05:50
    سلام خسته نباشید واقعا عالی بود زیباترین شعری بود که تا حالا گوش دادم در پناه امام زمان باشید ان شالله ...

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  • 29.11.1394 06:47
    لبیک یا سیدنا...

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  • 29.11.1394 06:45
    شهیدان را شهیدان می شناسند...

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  • 29.11.1394 06:44
    زیبا بود

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  • 25.11.1394 20:52
    جشنواره نرم افزارهای موبایل ایران - 1394 شما می توانید با ورود به لینک زیر، در صورت تمایل و رضایت از ...

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  • 07.11.1394 17:47
    سلام. وقتی روی صفحه اصلی بودم واقعا نیت کردم و به این صفخه اومدم. وقتی متن رو خوندم پشت مانیتور گریه ...

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  • 06.11.1394 19:58
    سلام نظرات رو میخواندم خیلی مشتاقم تا بتده هم در لیست ایمیل های شما قرار بگیرم با تشکر

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  • 06.11.1394 19:50
    سلام مطالبتونعالیه اجرکم عندالله خیلی دوست دارم منم جزو کانون تونئ بشم منم از فارغالتحصیلان همین ...

    ادامه مطلب ..و

With condolences, The last Alavi’s precious words

امتیاز کاربران

In the name of God the compassionate the merciful. This is Amir Al-Mu'minin Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s will, He testifies there is no deity but God; he is God, the one, and there is not comparable unto him, and also he testifies Muhammad is the messenger of God who sent him to guide people with the right religion to overcome all other religions while polytheists hate it. Peace be upon him!


Certainly, my prayer, worship, life and death belong to God, the creator of the world, and he has not any partner, and I have been sent on this duty, and I am among the first Muslims.


O’Hassan, to you, to my other children, to all my relatives and to all who receive my will, I advise to fear God who is your creator and to be pious, and you must live as a Muslim till your death, and all of you must grasp the God’s firm hand-hold and be not disunited because I heard the Holy Prophet had always advised that try to reconcile and bring people together that is better than prayer and fast, while damaging the good relationships among people will ruin the faith, there is no power except by Allah.


Regard for kinship and look after your relatives in order to have a simple judge on the part of God in the Day of Judgment.


Fear Allah when the question of orphans arises. Do not be cruel for sating them. You should never let them starve.


Fear Allah in respect of your neighbors because the Holy Prophet had always recommended us to protect the neighbors. As he continually was insisting on this testimonial, we often thought that he might assign our neighbors a share from our heritage.


Fear Allah with respect to the Holy Quran, for fear that others may stand out and surpass you in obeying its rules and acting according to its orders.


Fear Allah in regard to prayer, because the prayer is the pillar of your faith.


Fear Allah concerning Kaaba, his Holy house, you should never let it be deserted, or you; the Muslims will be doomed, and it is the divine punishment.


Fear Allah regarding Zakat, poor-rate or alms as prescribed by Islam, by paying Zakat the scourge of God will be relieved.


Fear Allah with regard to the fasting of Ramadan month because it acts as a shield against Hellfire.


Fear Allah in regard to poor people; share your possessions with them.


Fear Allah in respect of jihad, crusading for God with your wealth, your lives and your tongue.


Fear Allah with respect to the nation of your Holy Prophet, lest anyone of you oppresses the others.


Fear Allah concerning your Holy Prophet’s companions because he has recommended respecting them.


Fear Allah about servitors, because the last testimonial of the Holy Prophet was to patronage and protect slaves, bondmen and bondwomen.


Then he expressed:


Prayer! prayer! In obeying the rules of Allah, do not fear people’s blame. If anyone is going to oppress you, God himself will suppress him.


As god ordered, try to talk pleasantly with each other. Do not forget to promote virtue and prevent vice or your prayers will not be answered by God.


You must develop a desirable relationship among yourselves. You should be modest and benefactor. Do not let disunity and dissension develop in your society help each other in benevolences, and avoid tyranny that God’s punishment is so grievous.

May God keep you, my family safe,


ترجمه خانم فاطمه مظفرنژاد

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